ECEDHA Hands-On Curriculum Workshop

The ECEDHA Hands-On Curriculum Workshop is hosted by UCSD and held in conjunction with ECEDHA and the Curriculum Working Group. The workshop creates an opportunity for educators to learn hands-on topics, offered by UCSD, as well as approaches to curriculum design. The workshop is divided into two 1-week sessions. Week 1 covers Freshman to Sophomore level topics. Week 2 covers Sophomore to Junior level topics. Participants may choose to attend Week 1, Week 2, or both sessions.

Workshop Details

Week 1 (7/23-7/27)

  • Programming & basic circuits with Arduino
  • Arduino basics
  • Arduino and Python programming
  • Computer-aided design (SolidWorks & Eagle)
  • Communication theory and applications
  • Analog circuits with NI Virtual Benches
  • Creative applications of Arduino's IMU
  • Building an audio amplifier and a robot
  • 3D printing, soldering & more

Week 2 (7/30-8/3)

  • Data acquisition methods using MCUs
  • Data analysis and visualization using Python
  • Digital signal processing with MATLAB
  • Digital signal processing of EMG signals
  • File management and version control with Git
  • Wireless control encoding using Arduino's BLE
  • Control theory with sensors and actuators
  • LabVIEW programming & senior-level projects
  • Building and managing a makerspace

Workshop Schedule

ECEDHA Timeline

Schedule Details

Monday (7/23) Hands-On Courses Overview

The first day, we will present a high-level overview of UC San Diego’s Hands-On courses. We will introduce the instructors who have developed and teach some of our most exciting courses. They will share with you their experiences creating the courses and what makes their course unique. You will have opportunities to engage with them to see how your university could benefit from these courses.

Covered courses will include:

  • ECE 5: Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • ECE 16: Rapid Hardware and Software Design for Interfacing with the World
  • ECE 115: Fast Prototyping
  • ECE 140: The Art of Product Engineering
  • ECE 141: Software Foundations
  • ECE 144: LabVIEW Programming: Design and Applications
  • ECE 148: Introduction to Autonomous Vehicles
  • ECE 196: Engineering Hands-on Group Project

Tuesday (7/24) - Wednesday (8/1) Hands-On Topics Overview

Faculty and Teaching Assistants will discuss, in greater detail, the topics covered in ECE 5 and 16 courses. These courses serve as introductory courses to hands-on curriculum.

The general presentation / discussion structure of each topic will consist of the following:

  • Why the topic is important in hands-on curriculum
  • Our approach to teaching the topic
  • The supporting tools used, and why they were chosen
  • Demonstrations and participation in lab activities
  • Issues encountered teaching the topic
  • Discussion and feedback

Thursday (8/2) - Friday (8/3) Building MakerSpaces and Labs

During the Makerspaces session, the creators and directors of our Makerspaces will share their experiences in building and running Makerspaces in a campus setting. We will address some of the biggest challenges, typical equipment, and any other insight that will allow your school to successfully deploy such spaces too.

On the final day, a session in lab development will be offered. We will cover our approach to creating hands-on content for students and offer you aid in your school’s development needs.

Lunches: Multiple lunches will be provided through sponsorships from companies active in creating materials relevant to ECE education. Industry representatives will share their most useful resources and future plans to meet the growing hands-on education demand.

Register Today!

To register for the workshop, please contact:

Stefanie Battaglia


A modest $200 fee per week is requested to cover the cost of your participation.