CSE Internship Companion Courses

What is CSE 197?

CSE 197 helps students draw maximum benefit from their paid, full-time, on-company- site engineering internships. In these internships, students are mentored as they work in novel situations on real-world projects. CSE 197 helps students draw lasting practical, technical, and professional insights from these experiences, as well as opportunities to learn from the internship experiences of other CSE 197 students. Successful CSE 197 students earn 4 units of elective credit.

What is CSE 191?

CSE 191 is a one-unit non-elective credit class for work done in conjunction with an internship. Each time students enroll in CSE191, they earn one unit of academic credit.

What are the defining characteristics of an internship experience?

  • Novelty
  • Mentorship

For example, founding a company does not qualify as an internship because you are not being mentored. On the other hand, if you are hired to work as a summer intern in a startup where you will be mentored by an existing employee, that may be a summer internship.