Mentors and tutors will meet periodically to support students with deported parents. For junior students, the sessions will focus on college applications. For younger students, the sessions will focus on career orientation and course planning. Our mentors offer invaluable knowledge of the college education system and application process to give students the greatest advantage in their applications.


The program also aims to involve the parents in the application process of their children. We will have workshops on Tijuana to allow the parents to get involved and participate in mentoring and tutoring activities with their children.


Summer research experience is a great experience to enhance learning in science and technology and shaping the commitment to science careers. There is evidence showing that summer research experiences improve academic outcomes of minorities and underserved communities. Summer research experience and letters or recommendation from research supervisors can strongly boost any application package for college.


One of the main limitations when students apply to college is the lack of information. Through our workshops we aim to provide information and a forum where parents and their children can learn ask critical questions regarding application process, financial aid, college life and career perspectives. We expect to realize this workshops in Tijuana to make this information available to parents who cannot enter to the United States.


We will organize visits to our UCSD campus to show our Bridges students a bit of the thrive and exciting atmosphere at the university. Library, labs, student centers, sports facilities, auditoriums are just part of what make any university a great place to prepare for the future. Besides UCSD, we will also organize visits to other institutions such as SDSU and USD.


The political climate is pushing for more deportations and family separation. In order to help victims of this situation, we need a better understanding of the difficulties that children of deported families face to continue with their education. This will guide our efforts developing strategies and policies that can be implement at the institutional level to support the educational goals of children victims of parent deportation.