Requirement Elicitation

Exploratory Design Sketches

Low-fidelity Prototypes

IxD Doc


  1. Roland will check and see if we can do 1-break-2 pilot tests
  2. Friday (10/1) - Go early - Janet to check with Danilo what time we can go early.


Questionnaire: Expert and novice

Can we record the VR thing?

Make a google sites website with videos and send to Roland

Send Roland the evaluations Janet has.



  1. Expert:
    1. Phase 0: Pdf/powerpoint embedded with videos + google sites website
    2. Phase 1: Live training session with us.

  1. Novice: Basic training.
    1. Video of how to wear Hololens
    2. "Learn gestures" - just the box part
    3. Roboraid - use clicker instead of air-tap
    4. ARTEMIS Exposure
      1. how to start ARTEMIS - "Hey, Cortana start ARTEMIS"
      2. what to expect (how would annotations work; how does video work)