Summer Course Descriptions

A course syllabus is linked to each course title below. Please note that we have established our own credit and unit breakdowns for courses. Each semester of a course has 5 units and is worth 5 credits. In addition, please disregard the timelines provided, as they were designed for semester long courses. Each student will be required to complete all coursework prior to the completion of their summer school deadline.

A-G Approved Courses

Non A-G Approved Courses

Physical Education

All PE courses consist of 50 hours of student logged and parent verified physical activity as well as a course paper and article summaries and reviews. Students may log up to 3 hours of activity each school day. Only one semester of PE may be taken during the summer session. Here is a video preview of a unit from our PE course.

  • PE 1 (9A)
  • PE 2 (9B)
  • PE 3 (10A)
  • PE 4 (10B)