IGCSE Chemistry Year 11

Why Chemistry is important?

Chemistry is truly the "central science". New breakthroughs in fields such as genetics, biochemistry, medicine, materials science, forensics, nanotechnology, drug discovery, the environment and next-generation computer hardware are all driven by chemistry.

Chemistry is about the molecules all around us. It is about matter: specifically how matter changes. Studying chemistry will help you to understand why things around us behave the way they do.

A sound knowledge of chemistry is required to fully understand most other areas of science, and this is why the study of chemistry is either compulsory or recommended by many other disciplines in the University.

Ms. Shejila &Ms. Emine

Class expectations

1. Listen and follow all directions given.

2. Obtain permission and use safe practices when entering the lab.

3. Speak to teacher and classmates respectfully at all times.

4. Bring your computer, textbook, notebook, paper, writing utensil, and calculator each day.


IGCE Chemistry Year 11 Curriculum Guide 2019-2020 PDF.pdf

UNIT EXAM 2-Term 1

Ms Shejila's 11-IGChem-4: November 13th, Wednesday

Ms Emine's: 11-IGChem-1, 11-IGChem-2, 11-IGChem-3: November 14 th, Thursday

Chapters that are on the exam from Kognity online textbook are listed as below:

8.4 Identification of ions and gases

6 sections

10.1 Properties of metals

4 sections

10.2 Reactivity series

5 sections

Please make sure you start studying early on using all other resources that you have received in the class and on google classroom.

Ms. Emine