Welcome to

KG2 Falcons

Ms Janine


Ms Marieanne

Welcome to Year 2018-2019

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our class for this school year. Myself and Ms Marieanne are more than happy to be working with you again this year in ensuring that your child gets the best opportunity possible to continue to grow into Independent Learners. It was really great seeing them during this first week and witnessing how much they have grown during the summer vacation. This is going to be another year of fun learning and experimenting. We have many years of experience between us and you can be assured that we will always put your children first.

Please continue to place your trust in us and believe that whatever we do, it will always be in the interest of your child.


This weeks focus:

Our focus for the last few weeks was about family. We continue this week to look at our neighbours and building good relationships. Activities in the class will be based on hand coordination, cutting skills, and pre-writing skills.

To create a love for reading students have to bring in their favorite reading books from home.

Thursday is our birthday celebration for the month of October.

Term 1 Newsletter is posted in the main page for more information.

Weekly Reminder

Students are bringing home the blue Arabic book on Mondays. A picture is shown. Please send the book to school every Thursday. Only complete the pages as mentioned in the weekly letter from Ms Saja. Write only in PENCIL not crayons.

Term 1 Newsletter is posted on the main page.


1. PE takes place on Sunday and Monday- Please ensure that they are wearing PE uniform on these days.

2. Arabic - Ms Saja E

3. Islamic - Ms Wisam

KG2 Falcons Weekly Schedule.docx
  • Classes start at 7 am and ends at 12 pm. Please be on time as we record tardiness at 7:10 and late pick ups.
  • We encourage healthy foods. NO CHOCOLATES allowed. Bring extra water bottle at all times.
  • Label your child's items and clothing to avoid lost and mixed items.
  • Gadgets are strictly not allowed in school. Keep them at home.
  • Toys or favorite things will be asked by the teacher for show and tell purposes only. Please wait for the announcement.