Unhealthy Men: The Secrets of Early Detection

Unhealthy Men: The Secrets of Early Detection

Unhealthy Men - The Secrets of Early Detection, Recording by Alison Armstrong

Media is bombarding us with the message, "Men are dangerous." When we consider what has our instinct feel danger is when something is unpredictable, it is understandable that instinct has us sound the alarm.

Because men are built differently than women (biology, hormones), we are often confused by their behavior, because when we check our own motivations as women, these actions would be completely unacceptable -- anything from ignoring children, stepping over the laundry, to things that violate our experience of safety: yelling and being scary.*

Unfortunately, this confusion has two devastating consequences:

1) We can't distinguish the signs of an *actual* unhealthy, dangerous men, and we get ourselves into relationships and partnerships with something that hurts us.

2) At a basic level, We can't empower healthy men to *protect us,* and certainly, we can't receive what a healthy man wants most - to cherish women, to provide for our happiness.

In this audio recording, learn the characteristics of unhealthy men and contrast them with healthy men, that we simply don't understand because we are built differently.

*This workshop does not excuse negative behavior. Like all humans, men and women both have dark sides. This recording takes a look at the way we can bring out Human Spirit in all of us, by understanding and empowering our design.