Parent Education

Emotion Coaching - John Gottman

Bringing Baby Home - John Gottmam

Positive Discipline - Jane Nelsen

Introduction to Weston A. Price Foundation

for Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and the Healing Arts

Free Topics from PAX Programs, Inc

Delivered by Christine Olson

PAX is Latin for PEACE, and stands for Partnership, Adoration, and Xstasy. Alison began studying Men and Women in 1991 through social research. Today, her information is validated by millions of men, women, and scientists world-wide.

All of the topics delivered by Christine Olson are presented in an inclusive way, welcoming everyone along the spectrum of gender identity and sexual orientation.

Attracting Happiness: Step 1

This class is based from the content of Alison Armstrong's Making Sense of Men (tm), taught with inclusive language to empower everyone in "Produce Mode" or "Create Mode," dealing with the #1 thing that attracts people to us.