A Hero's Challenge

Men are Happiest Being Heroes.

A Hero's Challenge is a 2 Day Workshop for Men.

Hours: 10:00am - 7:00pm each day.



The Building Blocks of a Man (aka: Hero)

The primary Instincts of all living beings have a profound, yet invisible impact on our behavior and quality of life. Our biology -- brain, body, and hormones -- happens to us, automatically. #Awesome because #Survival. Because it is invisible and *normal,* oftentimes you experience frustration, upset, disrespect, etc., and integrate it as part of the background noise to overcome.

Bringing these traits to foreground leaves you with an ability to work *with* the way you are built -- channeling what used to be noise into useful, super-charged energy. This sets a foundation for winning.

Antagonizing Instincts with Dishonor and Disrespect.

When we see our Instincts and Characteristics each have a good reason, we begin to see how life (culture, society, people, media, ...) is organized to antagonize (Antagonize. Verb. Cause (someone) to become hostile.): Simple things from being interrupted while you speak, to the crushing experience when others assume the worst of your intentions.

For most people, most of the time, Honor prevails and these attacks on you become internalized; other times, even Honorable people lash out. As a result, these wounds become a downward spiral of endless proving and insatiable desires, carried forward further weakening your ability to produce results.

Disappearing Injuries from Dishonor and Disrespect

Fortunately, it is possible to disappear these wounds that have weakened your ability to produce results. Learning a process called, "Noble Healing" we are able to restore yourself to a blank canvas.

Being Super Man

Everyone has a unique definition of what it is to be "Super." Super Heroes. A High-Performance Machine. Jedi. Lion. What is your flavor of Super? In this session we will articulate your version of Super and begin designing your Instruction Manual for Winning.


Fortify Your Fortress

To keep you Super-Self in play, we define a strong fortress. We look at the way you respect your time, your physical word, your mental capacities, emotional safety, and personal relationship to spirituality, further adding to your Instruction Manual for Winning.

The Automatic, Limited View of "Earning"

Instinct has us get what we need to survive. But survival doesn't need us to solve the urgent problems of our lifetime: homelessness, hunger, environmental devastation, illness, a happy family, financial integrity, etc. To solve these problems, you -- our Hero needs more than what you deserve and earn. In this conversation disappear the shame that keeps you small and unleash your potential.

Formula for Getting Your Needs Met

It is an illusion that we can be fully self-sufficient. We must rely on other people (especially when your life is serving a Super-Heroic purpose). Most men are resigned about asking for what they need because there is no return on investment. Never Fear! We have a Formula to follow to help you Win!

Receptivity and Appreciation

Once we solve the problem of successfully asking for what we need, we create a new problem: Being receptive. Men are generous givers. However, instinct has you (and everyone else!) be a poor receivers. Transform your relationship to receiving by shifting your focus to what your receptivity provides for others. This allows you to appreciate gifts, and compels others to continue giving happily.

Registration and Participation Agreements:

Registration fees paid are non-refundable. With a $25 transfer fee, you may transfer to another date, another program or offering from Empower Happy, or transfer to a friend. If your workshop is rescheduled by Empower Happy, you may transfer to the new date or a receive a refund.

All sessions must be attended. Be on time. Stay until the end. If the Workshop Leader determines that this program is not a fit for you, you will be released and your payment will be refunded.

Empower Happy offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee for our offerings to those who attend all sessions. (But we don't think you'll take us up on it ;) #Awesome #HowWeRoll)

Payment plans include a $5 / per installment fee.

Energy Exchanges / Bartering can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Scheduled Workshops

Bellevue, WA

FRIDAY and Saturday November 17 and 18.

10:30 am to approximately 7:30pm each day.

Location: Candy and John's house, Bellevue, WA (Exact location given upon registration)

Portland, OR

Saturday and Sunday December 2 and 3.

10:00 am to approximately 7:00pm each day.

Location: Jocelyn and Frank's house, Portland, WA (Exact location given upon registration)