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Honoring Instincts and Human Spirit: How our Biology Organizes our Brain

Our bodies are different, that is easy to see.

For a man, Testosterone kicks on on Day 21 of gestation. It builds his muscle and bone density, the way his eyes see color, and gives him an ability to track where something is going when it is moving fast.

By contrast, Estrogen builds a Woman's eyes to scan, her brain to pay attention to the physical, mental, and emotional states of everyone around us, all while we are multi-tasking.

Beyond the physical, we often miss that our motivations, points-of-view, and needs for what has our brain experience safety are vastly different, and sometimes very opposite and opposing.

In this class we learn about the automatic instincts that have us survive, the good reasons for them, and how to work with them, and how to take care of ourselves and each other in today's world. Begin to shift from "different and (accidentally) difficult" to honoring them as "different and delightful!"