KUDUwave Proficiency Training

This is a short 30-45 minute online course to enable KUDUwave users to learn and navigate through the device and the accompanying software as new users. It is important for users of the KUDUwave to be trained and competent for optimized and reliable results to be obtained.

This course can be taken on by any individual looking to utilize the KUDUwave. For supplementary one on one training, users can book a time slot with the eMoyo training department on info@emoyo.net. For more information on the KUDUwave, go to the device website: http://kuduwave.com/

The course includes two main modules including;

  1. Start up: Hardware & Assembly
  2. Software Proficiency

Within the two modules above, there are 6 sub-sections including;

  1. Unpack and prepare the KUDUwave
  2. Ear Tip Insertion
  3. Software: First Time Run
  4. Patient Management
  5. Clinical Tests
  6. Clinical Test Reports

The content on the modules is presented in different modalities to cover all users, including;

  • Videos
  • Text
  • Images

Once course is successfully completed, the user will be issued with a training certificate.

*See sample certificate on the right*