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We are a company dedicated to import and distribution of flowers (natural, preserved and dyed), located in Toronto Canada. We are serving to the local market for more than 4 years, but we have 20 years of experience dealing with farms, export, import, distribution and support.

We import our flowers from farms located in Ecuador and Colombia. Our farms have been carefully chosen to guarantee quality, freshness and commitment to the environment

What's cool in my truck?

Emma Floral imports different varieties of flowers every week, they are shipped and transported by air. We handle one shipment per week and it takes from 2 to 3 days depending on the airlines to have them in Toronto.

In this way we guarantee greatest freshness and quality to later distribute the product to our clients in the GTA exclusively, whether it is a florist and / or event company. We delivery our product in our refrigerated truck, keeping the entire cold chain.

Here you can find information about the availability of all our products, this list is updated 3 times per week.

P2P Business

We care about long-term relationships with our clients, for this reason we go beyond the everyday and conventional. We have created an additional service that allows our clients to have a strategic operational partner to achieve success in their projects.

This service is about collaborating with transportation, preparation and disassembly of your events and projects, since we have trained personnel and appropriate transportation for your arrangements and other things used in the events.

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The most quoted flowers by our customers are roses, but in addition to this product we have a greater variety of flowers at your fingertips as you can see on the following list

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Call us to: 647-818-3034