If you're looking for a portable computer, we are proud to offer a reliable and optimized selection of Windows and Apple laptops! Whether new, used, or refurbished, all our hardware has been tested extensively to guarantee a smooth and healthy experience.

If you're considering a computer for your home or office, take a look at our custom-built desktop systems.


Friendly, Local Support - Even Remotely!
As the sun rises in the east and the swallows return to Capistrano, so too do computers run into problems. When the inevitable happens, it's nice to know your system was designed to be repaired - and to know who built the darn thing. We want our systems to work

No Nonsense Software
Most laptops or brand name desktops often come with ineffective or ad-riddled software which can be frustrating and time consuming even to remove. At Emerald Technologies we make sure that our customers start off with the same robust and well-vetted software we use on both our office systems and home computers, including Open Office, Malware Bytes, Speed Fan, Defraggler, and more.

Save money and time: shop local and keep your dollars in the community. Give us a call or come by the service center for a free quote!


Emerald Technologies offers a selection of cables, adapters, flash drives, SD cards, and other gadgets. Looking for something in particular? If it's not already in stock, we can usually source it within three to five business days. Give us a call or swing by.

a few local businesses who USE our custom-built machines:

Allsport • Amelia's Gourmet to Go • Apex North • Country Real Estate • Family Tree Service • Karen Miclette Insurance • KMUD Community Radio • Leggett Valley School • Les Scher Law Offices • Lehman Appraisal • Madrone Reality • Peoples Real Estate • Randall Sand & Gravel • Restoration Forestry • Sanctuary Forest • The Boot Leg • Whale Gulch School • Westwood Real Estate • Whitethorn Construction