International Day



At Embassy International School we celebrate International Day in order to celebrate our differences and our similarities.

As we get to know other countries, their history, culture, economy, demographics we can learn new things, compare our own values with the ones from other regions and learn how to respect each other. We can understand global as well as local problems and learn from the ways different countries have managed to overcome them.

Creating a website for the International Day

International Day is a great opportunity for all students to learn more about what the countries in our world are really like, get a sense of their culture and find out which stereotypes are lies; and which ones have some truth behind them. The students research about one country in a group and become an expert about a country they may not have known anything about before.

Year 8 and 9 specifically had to get to know these countries very well, since they were responsible for creating the websites containing the information about their assigned country. They also had to learn a lot about the troubles of working in a group with others and how to motivate their team members to do their part. This was especially challenging, because of the different schedules and occupations of everyone.


Here are some pictures from the scene :)

Creating passports

Students in primary have created passports that will allow them to travel from country to country during our International day.

They have also created their own country flag for the parade.

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