Wustholz CV 2022[10243].pdf

Dr. Kristin Wustholz

Research Advisor

Kristin is from New Hope, Pennsylvania. She obtained a B.A.S. in Chemistry and Philosophy from Muhlenberg College in 2002. Her undergraduate research with Marsha Baar and Bruce Anderson focused on laser- and microwave- initiated organic reactions. As a philosophy student with Lawrence Hass, her interests focused on Maurice Merleau-Ponty and the role of expression in science and art. In the summer of 2001, she worked as an NSF REU fellow with Roseanne Sension at the University of Michigan on ultrafast spectroscopy of cobalafluors, fluorescent vitamin B-12 derivatives. Kristin obtained her PhD in 2007 from the University of Washington in Seattle, funded in part by an NSF IGERT fellowship. Her research with Bart Kahr and Phil Reid involved single-molecule spectroscopy of dyed salt crystals. As a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University, she studied plasmonics, LSPR microscopy, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS), and single-molecule SERS with Richard Van Duyne. Kristin is currently the Mansfield Associate Professor of Chemistry at William & Mary, where she continues to work in nanoscience, physical, and analytical chemistry. Students in the Wustholz lab use laser spectroscopy to study a variety of problems including solar energy conversion, biological imaging, and art conservation.

Current Members

Tiffany Zheng - SERS Studies of Artists' Pigments

Grayson Hoy - Single-Molecule Multiplexing & Computations

Grace DeSalvo - Single-Molecule Multiplexing

Ellie Palmer - Single-Molecule Multiplexing

Isabelle Kogan - Single-Molecule Multiplexing

Colleen Cecil - SERS Studies of pH-Responsive Probes

Meredith Martin - SERS Studies of Artists' Pigments

Paul Scemama - Multiplexing with Deep Learning

Amelia Seabury - Single-Molecule Multiplexing

Walker Knapp - Single-Molecule Multiplexing with Deep Learning

Sophia Haile - Single-Molecule Multiplexing

Emma Smith - Single-Molecule Multiplexing


Caleb Streat


Data Science major at William & Mary

Jennifer Lam


Neuroscience major at William & Mary

Daniel Highland


M.S. program in Computer Science at William & Mary

Katelyn Jenkins


Applying to Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs

Kelly Kopera

(B.S. '20, M.S. '21)

Ph.D. program in experimental physical chemistry at University of Pennsylvania

John Li


Applying for positions in computer science

Huw Richards

(M.S. '20)

Quality Control Analyst, EuroCaps LTD

Harrison Tuckman


Ph.D. program in theoretical chemistry at UC Berkeley, NSF GRFP

Carolyn Farling


Ph.D. program in chemistry at NCSU (Sombers); M.Sc. '21 Saint Mary's University (Brosseau)

Polly Lynch


Ph.D. program in chemistry at the University of Minnesota

Becca Merriman-Goldring


Applying to conservation programs

Christina Rubio


Medical School, Liberty University of Osteopathic Medicine

Kalie Fikse


Veterinary school, Virginia Tech

Shelle Burke

(M.S. '18)

Lead Chemist, US Navy

Simran Rohatgi


Pharmacy school, Virginia Commonwealth University

James Cassidy

(M.S. '17)

Ph.D. program in photochemistry, Bowling Green State University (Zamkov)

Marisa Choffel


Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Oregon (Johnson)

Seth Greenspan


Medical school, Stony Brook University

Kathleen Nelsen


M.S. '20 EVMS; Pathologists' Assistant

Jenna Tan

(B.S. '16, M.S. '17)

Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley (Ginsberg) - NDSEG Graduate Fellow

Kaelyn Warne


Ph.D. program in environmental engineering, Vanderbilt University (Lin)

Heidi Crockett


Chemistry teacher, Urban Assembly Maker Academy, New York City

John Kean


M.S. '18 Colorado State University, Technical Support Specialist, In-Situ Inc.

Mary Matecki


M.D. '21 George Washington University; Medical resident GWU Hospital

Joo Yean (Diana) Roh


Ph.D. program in chemistry, University of Washington (Gamelin)

Kan Tagami


Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of California at Santa Barbara (Han)

R&D Engineer, JEOL

John Rose


M.D., University of Virginia

Resident, UT Southwestern

Kristen Frano

(M.S. '15)

Applications Engineer, B&W Tek

Matt Mendonca


Ph.D. '20 Northwestern University (Snurr) - NDSEG Fellow; Research Staff Member at Institute for Defense Analyses

Hannah Mayhew


M.S., Northwestern University ('17) (Van Duyne) - NSF Graduate Fellow; Montessori science teacher

Matthew McCarron


M.S. '20 EVMS

Alana Ogata


Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Toronto; Ph.D. UC Irvine ('18) (Penner); Postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University - NSF Graduate Fellow

Natalie Wong


M.D., Cornell University ('18); Medical resident at University of Pennsylvania

Jackie Blake-Hedges


Ph.D., UC Berkeley ('19) (Keasling); Associate Scientist at Sutro BioPharma

Matt Blum


Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

David Fabian


Ph.D., UC Irvine ('18) (Ardo) - NSF Graduate Fellow; Senior Staff Engineer at MSA

Sofia Garakyaraghi


Ph.D., N.C. State ('18) (Castellano); Postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University (Scholes); Managing Editor, ACS Central Science

Stephen Dinehart


Pharmacy Technician, EMT

Lindsay Oakley


Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, Northwestern University ('17) (Broadbelt and Shull); Postdoctoral fellow at NU-ACCESS; Director of Heritage Science at US National Archives and Records Administration

Andrew Sidhom


M.D. '17, EVMS; Medical resident

Joy Russell


Lab Manager, Nutrilab, University of Pretoria, South Africa