Fun Times

10^-5M fluorescent scan of Wustholz on glass using single-molecule spectroscopy

More Wustholz lab photoshop fun!

The Wustholz Family (parody of the Cullen Family)

Summer 2021 Wustholz lab as Disney princesses

Busch Gardens trip, anyone?

Nothing beats some delicious liquid nitrogen ice cream!

How many people can we fit in Mary's car? (Safely!) Experimental data suggests 6.

Thrwback Thursday - Avengers Summer 2012

That's a delta nu in case you were wondering

Nothing says summer research is like a cupcake eating contest (no hands!)

2012 Chemistry Club Magic Show Poster

Tour of the Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute (MCI) in Suitland, Marland given by Conservation Scientist Jennifer Giaccai. Lindsay Oakley and Stephen Dinehart are pictured - but the whole group is there! Summer 2011

Oreo was a big fan of lasers.

KW and the mole at ACS Anaheim 2011