STEM in Motion

Example Documentation and Guidelines

Make sure to have each of these sections in your Google Site. Within each section, be sure to include links, pictures, design files (.f3d), screenshots, and reflections to each of the sections. Describe your learning and process throughout this project!


Use this time to gather information about your glasses design. You should record your measurements using the guide provided. Take pictures or scan your sketches and ideas here. Include any thoughts on your design and why you are moving forward with one idea. Include any links to designs that may have inspired you.

15 pts

Design & CAD

Include screenshots of your progress and parts from Fusion 360 here. Include some of the issues you ran into while developing your skills in CAD and trying to make your unique design. What tools worked for you? What tools did you struggle with during your design?

30 pts

Measurement & Precision

How close were your measurements? Figure out your error and how you came to that. Did everything fit perfectly the first time?

15 pts

Cut Parts

How did your parts come out? Does it reflect your design? Anything you would like to change? What was your experience with the laser cutter?

25 pts


Please include any research or other influences here. Include links, images, pictures...

15 pts