Students: Angel Encinas, Louis Gallegos, Monty Lopez

On the importance of language:

“By the year 2100, more than half of the 7,000 languages spoken on Earth--many of them not yet recorded--may disappear, taking with them a wealth of knowledge about history, culture, the natural environment, and the human brain” (Enduring Voices Project, n.p).

Languages have been existing, and evolving together with the development and changes in human society for tens of thousands of years (Baker & Jones, 1998). Languages are means of improving lives in terms of political, social, cultural, and economic aspects. Language is obviously an indispensable tool of human beings. Not only is it a means of communicating thoughts and feelings, accumulating experience, and knowledge but it frames friendships, cultural ties, and economic relationships of communities, nations, and individual human beings (Bajerm 2008; Bokhorst-Heng, 1999; Fishman, 1994).

Why Memes?

  • Using memes can integrate knowledge of a language into modern technologies and help bring awareness to language preservation and maintenance.
  • Memes can be positive for the younger generation to intact and give their own interpretation of language and cultural aspects.
  • Generating memes allows users to explore the benefits of engaging with their languages and express their humor spreading laughter throughout social media.


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