Clubs & Activities

Why Join a Club ?

School connectedness is an important factor in both health and learning. Students who feel connected to their school are:

      • More likely to attend school regularly, stay in school longer and have higher grades and test scores.
      • Less likely to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or have sexual intercourse.
      • Less likely to carry weapons, become involved in violence or be injured from dangerous activities such as drinking and driving or not wearing seat belts.
      • Less likely to have emotional problems, suffer from eating disorders or experience suicidal thoughts or attempts.

-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2009)

6th Grade Student Council

The 6th Grade Student Council participates in planning of school-wide events such as dances, fundraising, field trips, spirit days and more.

Mr. Mikelbank

(Days Vary)

Art Club

Art activities for students who do not have art in their schedule or need more art in their life!

Mrs. Grady

(Friday Mornings

Chess Club

Students will learn the basics rules and strategies of chess while also connecting with their peers. They will also have an opportunity to build their own chess board!

Mr. Lauro & Mr. Wightman

(Monday Afternoons)

Community Service Club

Working together to serve the community by participating in various service activities and events (EMS Recycling Program, clothing and supply drives, holiday donations, etc).

Ms. Giordano & Mrs. Pirolo

(Tuesday Afternoons)


Rehearsals and performance of the school musical.

K. Maggio, D. Crean, C. Zielinski, C. Murcott, A. Wightman

(Tues, Wed, Thurs Afternoons)

ENL Homework Club

Help with assignments, projects, and test preparation.

Mrs. Gorman

(Wed, Thurs, Fri Mornings)


We will be cooking, sewing and creating craft projects based on student interest.

Mrs. Haley

(Wednesday Afternoons)

Garden Club

The garden club grows vegetables in the raised beds in the EMS courtyard. The greens are harvested and used in our school cafeteria's delicious salads. The club also grows herbs and perennials throughout the school year. Club members participate in many activities such as veggie car races, soap making, and building bird houses for our courtyard.

Mrs. Whitcomb

(Wednesday Afternoons)

Jazz Band

Standard instrumentation jazz band comprised of saxes, trumpets, trombones and rhythm section. We perform at both the Winter and Spring concerts at EMS.

Mr. Lasurdo

(Friday Mornings)


Kickline dance team.

Ms. Syznal

(Thursday Afternoons)

Knightly News

Students record a live, weekly YouTube broadcast of the morning announcements, student short films , school news and more.

Mr. Mirabile

(Tuesday Mornings)

Knights of Good

The Knights of Good is a group open to anyone in the student body. The group has been and continues to be very eclectic, representing students coming from a wide range of interests and backgrounds. The group was created to encourage and provide students an opportunity to change our school’s community by bringing awareness to topics that they are passionate about. The group encourages leadership skills, creative thinking, public service and learning how to take a small idea and build it into a reality. It requires students to take ownership of the projects they choose or to support others in the group.

Mr. Schwartz

(Wednesdays During Lunch)

Major League Board Gamers

In this collaborative club, students will learn about different game mechanics and styles of board games by playing games! With the knowledge of mechanics, students will then work on creating their own board game. The process of creation will include developing a theme, story, conflicts, rules and playing materials. Finally we will play test student creations to help improve each game.

Mr. Schwartz

(Tuesday Afternoons)

Math Club

We practice and compete in mathematical competitions! This year we will be participating in team competitions!

Ms. Hasday

(Tuesday Mornings)

National Junior Honor Society

A national club that is focused on leadership, service, character and citizenship. Students have to be selected through an application process.

Mrs. Braxton

(Days Vary During Lunch)

National Junior Art Honor Society

Art Service Organization

Membership is based on submitting a PTA Art Reflections entry and obtaining teacher recommendations.

Mrs. Grady

(Tuesday Mornings)

Operation Respect

Operation Respect is a club that focuses on the social and emotional growth of children and youth to help them grow into compassionate, respectful, ethical, and civically engaged adults. With this mission in mind, our goal is to bring Elwood Middle School students together who may not normally spend time with each other. We have them work together so that we can translate the message of accepting others as they are, and giving up stereotypes and negative judgments about others within our school environment and, hopefully, out into our community.

Mrs. Mir & Mrs. DeJesus

(Tuesday Afternoons)

Robotics Club

Exploring the world of robotics and building machines to complete tasks that can be used in competitions.

Mr. Richards

(Monday & Tuesday Afternoons)

Science Club

Science club is for students who are interested in exploring their love of science. They will have the opportunity to explore science concepts through hands on learning activities.

Mrs. Murcott & Mrs. Zielinski

(Monday Afternoons)

Student Council

The Student Council is a collaboration of representatives from grades 6, 7, and 8. With the advisors, the Student Council promotes leadership, democratic values, and organize various school spirit, community service, and fundraising events. Some events include school dances, spirit week, Treats for Troops, Donation Tree, Disability Awareness Week, and school spiritwear sales. The money brought in by these events and fundraisers fund other school activities such as grade level trips, assemblies, and support other groups that do not have individual accounts.

Mrs. Pirolo & Ms. Riley

(Days Vary)

Technology Club

The Technology club is a project based club that is held in a traditional wood shop setting. Students will get the chance to participate in a broad range of hands-on type projects. This year we will start off with designing and building a model of a futuristic city that will be entered into the Future City competition midwinter. All middle school students are invited to join.

Mr. Wightman

(Monday Afternoons)

Theater Club

Theater Club gives participants an opportunity to engage in improvisation games and activities to express their creativity while developing poise, social skills, listening and observation skills, and self-confidence. We meet bi-monthly from 3-4 PM on the stage in the auditorium. Students can sign up by seeing Mrs. Barozie in room 200. New members are always welcome!

Mrs. Barozie & Mrs. Maggio

(Friday Afternoons)


Music Honor Society

Mr. Lasurdo

(Tuesday Afternoons)

Yearbook Club

The yearbook club is a club dedicated to creating all aspects of the yearbook: choosing the yearbook cover, photo selection, taking club/event pictures, designing the layout of the book, color schemes, and more!

Ms. Parisi

(Wednesday Afternoons)