Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems Providing Reliable, Long-term Solutions

With Butler's MR-24 Roof System, You'll Spend Less for Double the Life

Twenty-five years is a long time – but the Butler MR-24 standing-seam roof is engineered to give you that full quarter-century of worry-free service. Other roofs just don’t compare, and it’s not only because they last half as long. And metals do not need to be replaced if the protective coating wears off, just a re-coating.

Better Energy Efficiencies, You'll Spend Less for Operating Costs

It's hard to beat the high R-values provided by six to nine inches of fiberglass on a metal roof like the MR-24. Painted or unpainted, metal offers more reflectivity which wards off the summer sun.

The Best Way to Keep a Roof Over Your Head

MR-24 our most specified standing-seam roof system. Choose MR-24 for its factory-punched precision, guaranteed weathertight performance and the special clip-and-tab assembly that leaves the roof free to expand and contract to adapt to thermal movement

For New Buildings – or Just New Roofs – Butler Tops Them All

The MR-24 and every Butler roofing system are engineered to be ideal selections in new construction. But they’re also smart choices for re-roofing. Often you can apply them right over an existing roof to get a great-looking, long-lasting, weathertight replacement – with zero downtime.