Featured Speakers

Pre Conference Jan 23 | Main Conference Jan 24-25, 2020


Ewan McIntosh

Leading projects around the world for clients in education and industry, Ewan is the passionate and energizing tour de force behind NoTosh. A highly-regarded keynote speaker at events around the world, he is also author of How to Come up with Great Ideas and Actually Make them Happen and regularly writes about learning on his blog edu.blogs.com. NoTosh is a global consultancy with a passion for learning and a conviction that innovation and creativity can change the way people think, the way they learn and the way they work - as individuals, teams, organizations and communities. You can connect with him on twitter @ewanmcintosh and @NoTosh.

Ewan McIntosh's main conference session offerings:

Hundred Story School: Telling Your Story of Learning

Great storytelling can improve your practice, and spread ideas for better teaching, quicker. If you’re doing something interesting in your classroom, it should spread, shouldn’t it? Great ideas spread thanks to great storytelling, but a lot of good practice remains locked up in individual classrooms because the case for change isn’t compelling enough. In this workshop, we help teachers and leaders understand how to use storytelling as a way to improve practice and gather evidence of impact. It’s an ideal session for people undertaking self-reflection or self-study processes for accreditation, or looking to account for their practice in a colourful way.

Aspiring or New Middle Leaders: How to Inspire a Shared Vision as a Peer Leader

Middle or peer leadership is one of the most important roles in a school - and one of the least supported. Too often, it is a thankless administrative job, with little leading of learning. In this workshop, we’ll show how you can create a shared vision for learning and teaching with your team, challenge peers in a constructive way, and develop an approach of ‘sprints’ to get things done together.

Katie Martin

Dr. Katie Martin is the author of Learner-Centered Innovation and VP of Professional Learning at Altitude Learning. She has worked in diverse contexts to learn, research, and support deeper learning for all students. She has served as a middle school English language arts teacher, instructional coach, and led the district new teacher mentoring program. Katie has a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in middle school education and her Ph.D. and in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on the support that impacts teacher efficacy and retention.

At the university, district, and school-level Katie aspires to create experiences that empower all learners to develop knowledge, skills, and mindsets to thrive in a changing world. As a mom, she wants her kids to have learning experiences in school that build on their strengths and interests and as an educator; she is passionate about making sure we do the same for all kids. You can follow her on twitter at @katiemartinedu.

Katie Martin's main conference session offerings:

Learner-Centered Assessment

Learner-centered practices honor that all learners are unique and that they progress at different paces. We will explore how to use formative and summative assessments to inform the learning and instructional strategy for each learner. In this session, we will deepen the understanding of assessment practices that put learning and learners at the center. Learn why it’s critical to involve learners in the process and deepen understanding of strategies to assess, track and share progress to support learners and their development of both academic and non-cognitive competencies.

Creating a Strengths-based Culture

Did you know that according to a recent Gallup Poll, by the time students graduate in the US fewer than 30% are engaged, feel successful, or enjoy what they are learning in school? As they continue to their careers, only 13% of the world’s workers are engaged in their work. In contrast, the world today requires creative, passionate, and skilled individuals. To harness the power in each of us, we need to create systems that allow for more personalized learning experiences and tap into the strengths and potential of each individual. In this workshop, we’ll bring the Ancient Greek maxim “know thyself” to life. In this workshop we will explore our own strengths and interests and explore how to create experiences in school that empower all learners to discover their place in the world.

Sonny Magana

Dr. Sonny Magana is an award-winning teacher, best-selling author, and pioneering educational technology researcher. Painstakingly synthesizing four decades of groundbreaking research into his latest book, Disruptive Classroom Technologies, Dr. Magana introduced the T3 Framework for Innovation to wide international acclaim: “A visionary work; truly insightful and inspirational!” (Robert Marzano, 2017); “A brilliant breakthrough in our understanding and use of technology for learning” (Michael Fullan, 2017); and, “A major step forward; Magana’s T3 Challenge is credible, powerful, and exciting; let’s do it!” (John Hattie, 2018). Dr. Magana’s research methods and findings underpinning the T3 Framework were recently peer-reviewed and inducted into The University of Oxford Research Encyclopedia for Education.

Dr. Magana founded and served as Principal of Washington State’s first CyberSchool in 1996, a groundbreaking blended learning program that continues to meet the needs of at-risk students in Washington. An avid musician, yoga practitioner, climber, and bee keeper, Sonny was awarded the Milken Family Foundation Educator Award and the Washington Governor’s Commendation for Educational Excellence. He holds a bachelor of science degree from Stockton University, a master of education degree from City University, and a doctorate in educational leadership from Seattle University. He has successfully climbed, and descended from, the highest peaks in his home state of Washington. You can connect with him on Twitter @sonnymagana.

Sonny Magana's main conference session offerings:

Becoming a Transcendent Innovator

In this session participants will engage in a deeper discussion on how to implement the elements and strategies in the T3) Transcendent Innovation Domain. The sequence of strategies in this domain prepare students to masterfully address future learning challenges while contributing to improving their world. Participants will learn how to begin the process of realizing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by masterfully implementing and evaluating the impact of T3.1) Inquiry Design, and T3.2) Social Entrepreneurship on student achievement, well-being, and global contribution.


  • Understand and be able to describe how T3) Transcendent Technology Use builds upon and expands T2) Transformational Technology Use;
  • Develop a plan for implementing the T3.1) Inquiry Design and T3.2) Social Entrepreneurship strategies in your classroom or school using the guidance of the SDGs, and;
  • Begin to develop a plan for evaluating the impact of the Elements T3.1) Inquiry Design, and T3.2) Social Entrepreneurship on students’ achievement in your classroom or school.

Transcendent Leadership: Leading The T3 Framework Implementation

In this session participants will engage in a collaborative discussion on harnessing the power of Transcendent Leadership to implement the T3 Framework for Innovation in order to generate Collective Efficacy. Collective Efficacy is the collective belief in teachers’ and leaders’ ability to improve student learning by implementing the T3 Framework as a common language and model for student mastery and well-being with fidelity. Collective Efficacy unleashes the limitless potential of whole learning systems to transcend the status quo (Hattie, 2016). Dr. Sonny Magana will also introduce participants to the 7 Cs of Transcendent Leadership: 1) Courage, 2) Commitment, 3) Contribution, 4) Communication, 2) Collaboration, 3) Creativity, and, 4) Critical Thinking.


  • Be able to engage in and facilitate deeper discussions on the concept of Collective Efficacy in your learning organization;
  • Be able to implement and facilitate deeper discussions on the 7 Cs of Transcendent Leadership; and,
  • Begin to develop a plan for implementing Transcendent Leadership in order to generate Collective Efficacy in your learning organization.

Sascha Heckmann

Sascha Heckmann, EdD is known as an innovative practitioner who has broad experience in a variety of contexts. Heckmann is currently Director at the American International School of Mozambique. Previously, he was the High School Principal at Shanghai American School where he cultivated a foundation for innovative and progressive teaching and learning. During his time in Shanghai, Heckmann inspired the creation of the Innovation Institute, a transdisciplinary, project-based learning community that empowers students to personalize their learning through agency. The Innovation Institute was recently named one of the Top Education Innovations for 2019 by the Finnish organization HundrEd. Sascha has worked in a wide variety of schools ranging from private, international schools, United States public schools, and alternative schools.

Heckmann is the founder of 8 Degrees Up, an educational consulting firm that specializes in supporting schools in making the shift to personalized learning through student empowerment and agency. 8 Degrees focuses on helping schools become Highly Effective and Learning Progressive enabling learners to prepared to thrive in the present and future. You can connect with him on Twitter at @sasha_heckmann.

Sascha Heckman's main conference session offerings:

What if your Classroom was a Highly Effective and Learning Progressive (HELP) Environment?

This breakout session will explore the Highly Effective and Learning Progressive continuum presented in Personalized Learning in a PLC at Work. As practitioners we frequently hear references to research-based best practices, Dr. Heckmann will explore some of the core research of being a highly effective teacher and then blend with a companion view of being a learning progressive educator. By uniting the best of our current practices with those that empower learners we can create the best of both - a Highly Effective and Learning Progressive classroom.

What if we empowered learners with agency in assessment?

We know that all humans learn differently, and yet so often we ask all of our students to perform the same assessment tasks to demonstrate their learning. This session will explore how we can embed agency in assessment to personalize learning. We will explore deeply held beliefs of assessment through the lens of equity, what role agency plays in empowering learners to demonstrate their best learning, and how we can use highly effective and learning progressive assessment strategies to empower every child to succeed.