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PE uniform

York PE Uniform Requirement:

  • For the 2020-2021 school year, due to COVID, locker room use will be prohibited. Students need to be prepared daily with proper attire and shoes as a requirement for daily PE participation.

PE make up policy

If a student cannot participate in a given PE activity or assessment due to a variety of reasons they can make up their missing points. The student will receive a 0 for that daily activity, but is offered the opportunity to earn these points back by completing make-up opportunities (retakes). Examples of reasons a student would need to make up activity points include daily absence, not being prepared for class with proper, safe attire, and/or suspension or detentions.

Students will need to complete a make-up opportunity equal to the specific day activity for each day they were not prepared for PE to earn their 4 daily engagement points or 10 point fitness days.

Relearning opportunities/make-ups will be based upon the specific daily activity and learning target the student missed as follows:

  • Complete an Article Review Assignment within 3 weeks of the excused absence


  • Complete a Community Group Fitness class and reflection sheet (See below).

  • Complete a SEL approved activity (Ex. Volunteering for a community program, developing a kindness activity, or participating in a leadership training/activity). Please discuss with me.

Power Club Participation - 6:30 am in the fitness center

Yoga Club Participation - 3:15 pm - 4:10 pm in S132 on Wednesdays

30 minutes of cardio in the fitness center after school from 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Sign in with the teacher in charge and report back to me when you have completed the make up in one of these settings.
Physical Education Make Up Assignment

PE make up article review

*Must be done within 2 weeks of missed absence*
PE Make-Up - Community Opportunity

pe make up physical activity

*Only 2 per semester*

Pe grade breakdown

  1. Daily engagement – 4 points per day; do not assume that because you are dressed in your PE uniform, you will be considered participating. You have to PHYSICALLY and COGNITIVELY participate in class to earn your daily engagement points.

  2. Fitness Days (Polar Heart Rate) (State Standard 20) – Students will be assessed using a 10 point scale based upon their individual fitness levels and abilities based using Polar Heart Rate Monitors. All fitness days will also be assessed using a 10 point scale. 10 point fitness days replace a students 4 point daily engagement grade.

  3. Movement and Concept Assessments (State Standard 19 & State Standard 20) - Teacher and student assessments to demonstrate physical fitness growth and cognitive growth during various PE units.

  4. Effective Decision Making (EDM) – Being prepared and dressed for PE each day, dependable attendance, and follows etiquette/safety of activity & equipment.