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York Students:

The York Course Offering Book, containing over 200 courses in required and elective areas, is prepared by the York High School faculty and administration in order to provide you with a tool for planning your coursework at York in preparation for your collegiate and career experiences afterwards. As you begin to examine the courses which are available, please take the time to think first about your future plans, your goals for next year and well beyond. What do you want to be doing five and ten years from now? What are your interests and passions? Consult teachers, counselors, and parents for advice about which courses will best meet your needs.

We want to help you pursue your interests here at York!

Erin DeLuga


York High School strives to be an exemplary educational community where students, staff, and parents...

            • Meet each child where he or she thrives
            • Open access to college, career, and life readiness
            • Expect exceptional growth of self and others
            • Contribute to the environment of caring, respect, trust, and kindness
            • Contribute to rigorous, relevant, and engaging instructional experiences
            • Value each individual within the community of learners
            • Develop a sense of social responsibility and grit
            • Support a physical environment which promotes learning

Our goal for every York student is to be engaged, challenged, supported, and safe.

We strive to engage each student by igniting his / her passion. This starts in an academic classroom, but extends to the pathways in the arts, electives, physical education, athletics and activities, and building relationships with each other and staff.

With a solid foundation, students must be challenged in order to grow and excel. Our curricular and extracurricular programs are designed to provide challenging and appropriate opportunities for each and every York student that will lead him/her to success outside of high school.

Students will be supported at York by teachers, counselors, deans, social workers, psychologists, nurses, police liaisons, support staff, and administrators. Early identification and focused interventions are critical to student success.

Safety is always our first priority for students. The work we do around security, discipline, and building maintenance are all focused on providing a safe, secure, clean environment for students and staff. We know that you entrust your most valuable people to us each day: their safety (emotionally and physically) is our first priority.