Advanced Technology Services Internship

Course Description

Advanced Technology Services Internship: #0776

Grades: 10-12

2.0 Credits: Full Year

Prerequisite: Technology Services Internship

This course may be repeated

This course fills the Practical Arts graduation requirement

Students who have completed Tech Services Internship for a full year may return as advanced students. Advanced TSI interns will assist the instructor in helping beginning level TSI interns in understanding class operations, such as customer service and ticket writing, assist in teaching repair techniques and have the opportunity to pursue new forms of tech certification or continue existing, professional-level certification. Students will act as leaders in the course, demonstrating an exemplary level of professionalism, proactive customer service attentiveness and repair proficiency. Students will have the opportunity to manage the TSI payment system and tracking of warranty and non-warranty repairs. The opportunity to obtain experience in Advanced TSI will afford students with an interest in technology or business the opportunity to continue towards their chosen career and interests.

For a full list of hardware and software skills students will continue to build on from the previous level, please see the beginning level TSI description.

Note: Students do not receive monetary compensation for this internship experience.

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