Sandburg Cross Country

In person practice starts Monday, September 14th at 3:30.

Please report to the following spot in the back of Sandburg.

Independent workouts begin September 8.

Please check Google Classroom for Workouts.

Sandburg Cross Country Google Classroom Code: crzhqqg

Email that was sent out to just in case you missed it:

Hello Runners!!

We are so excited to get the 2020 cross country season started!! Though it will not look the same as years past, we will make the best of the situation we are currently in. To the 7th and 8th graders returning from last year...we are SO GLAD you’re back!!! To the new 6th graders….WELCOME!!!

Starting tomorrow we will have a week of virtual practice, and will then begin practicing in person the week of the 14th. For virtual practices, workouts will be posted in Google classroom. You have been invited to join the class, but if you don’t see the invite you can join with this code: crzhqqg.

A short video will be posted by one of the coaches each day along with a breakdown of the work out we would like you to complete. After each of your workouts, we are asking that you submit a log of your workout. A link to the running log will be provided with each day’s workout.

We will be posting updates in Google Classroom, and also discussing updates in the videos we share….so make sure you watch them! We are looking forward to a great season with you!!


Sandburg Cross Country Coaches

Mrs. Cohen, Mr. O’Connor, and Mrs. Bevly