Mr. Grosso's Room 215 Math Site

About Mr. Grosso

I like music, writing, and coding, so naturally I became a math teacher! My goal each year is to make my students a little less afraid of math (or preferably not afraid at all).

This is my ninth year teaching in District 205, and my third year at Sandburg after teaching 4th and 5th grade at Jefferson. I'm excited to partner with students and families in learning to approach math as a subject where it's okay to take your time and make mistakes.

I am also father to a wonderful little guy with autism. He is a unique kid who follows his own rhythm, and I am happy to allow your child to follow their own rhythm as well.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of my math beliefs:

  • Struggling with a new math concept is a good thing. It means you are learning something truly new.

  • Math is a creative subject if you can find the connections between concepts.

  • The best math minds are honorary members of the Calm Down and Chill Out Club. Kids have been unintentionally taught to panic when they don't get a math concept right away. That's a bit like quitting guitar because you can't play your favorite song the first time you pick it up! Learn to calm down and chill out when you don't get it! New concepts will eventually click if you stay calm.

6th-Grade Math 1 Parent Slides 2018-2019