Instructional Coaching

What does an Instructional Coach Do?

Instructional Coaches partner with teachers to help them improve teaching and learning for ALL students. We work with staff at all grade levels, in all content areas, to examine student learning, instructional practices, and the use of balanced assessment practices. We believe in a strength-based model of professional learning in which we help teachers identify their strengths, grow their strengths and develop new strengths.

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Professional Learning

Emerson Teachers engage in a variety of professional learning opportunities to build their expertise and continuously develop as professionals.

Critical characteristis of Effective Instructional Coaching:

1. Instructional coaching is focused on supporting the learning, growth, and achievement of students and is most often linked to a school's improvement priorities.

2. Student-centered or teacher-centered methods of coaching are strategically selected based on individual teacher needs and readiness.

3. Instructional coaching is rooted in relational trust and effective communication.

4. Instructional coaching is most effective when it occurs in cycles.

5. Consistent structures, systems, and internal capacity support instructional coaching.

(Source: EL Education)