Sra. Becky Patch



Me llamo Señora Patch. I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing summer. I am excited for another school year! For more information regarding the Spanish program, please view the various tabs on my webpage. Please check my web page often to stay up to date on what is happening each month and to see assignments. You will also find links to the website that we will be using. It is very important that you child knows his-her google username and password in order to access many of these sites.

This year I am teaching Spanish at both Hawthorne and Jefferson. Each third-fifth grade class will have Spanish for an hour a week. During e-learning there will be live class sessions along with independent at home activities. If you need to contact me the fastest way to do so will be via email (


Hawthorne Jefferson

5th Grade (8:35-9:05) 5th Grade (8:35-9:05)

  • Monday - Hartman - Monday - Ferris
  • Tuesday - Hobbs - Tuesday - Schlueter
  • Wednesday - Rufus - Friday - Grelecki
  • Thursday - Graff

3rd Grade (9:35-10:05) 3rd Grade (9:35-10:05)

  • Monday - Nowak - Monday - Grote
  • Tuesday - Scarlett - Tuesday - Riemersma
  • Friday - Bugielski - Friday - Darley

4th Grade (12:45-1:15) 4th Grade (12:45-1:15)

  • Monday - Herward - Monday - Georgalas
  • Tuesday - Higgins - Tuesday - McGuckin
  • Wednesday - Ruesch - Friday - Hayes
  • Friday - Boyle

SBR Information

For Spanish the children are assessed in three different areas interpersonal (speaking), interpretive (reading/listening), and presentational (writing). The students can receive 1, 2, 3, or 4. It is very difficult to receive a 4 in any of the categories. The children have to go way above and beyond what we are learning in class to receive a 4. At this point in the year, we have not learned an extensive amount of vocabulary for our unit since they are year long units. If your child currently has a 1 or 2 in the interpersonal category, he/she is where he/she should be. As we progress in the unit your child will be able to use more vocabulary and ask more questions during their conversations. The interpretive category only has three levels for Spanish 1, 2, or 3.