Me As A Learner

Strengths As a Learner

Newton's 3 laws 2.0.mp4

Making Videos

I demonstrate being able to make videos in the classroom by making these awesome videos on the units that we learn. My piece of evidence I have chosen was the video I made on our force & motion unit. This artifact highlights this strength by showing that I know my way around my computer, being able to add captions, background music and some high quality fail videos! This strength is important to my future as a student because if in the future my teachers give us different options instead of taking the test, I could do this instead to show that I know the material and that I am really confident in making videos that I know my teachers would like.

Measuring Force Lab Sophie Latona


I demonstrate this strength in the classroom by being able to be organized during labs and in life in and out of the classroom. I chose the force in motion lab that we completed in class as my piece of evidence. This artifact highlights my strength by having my slides be in the correct order, and completed thoroughly and thoughtfully. This strength is important for my future in my career and as a student because I'll be organized in the notes in class with what we are learning, and I'll be able to learn easier having the strength of being organized. And if I have a lot of paperwork or numbers, I'll know where everything is because it'll be in a specific spot in my binder, folder or computer.

Buggy Lab Sophie Latona

working well w/ others

I demonstrate this strength in class by always staying positive, not being controlling/bossy, and asking others when I have a question or am confused on a task. The evidence that I chose was a buggy lab that we completed in class at the beginning of the term. Where we were paired up 3 other people and had to gather information and data from different motorized buggy cars, to make 2 different graphs of information. This highlights my strength because my group and I were able to complete this lab without having any troubles, and having fun while doing the lab. This is important in my future career because I will be working with a lot of other doctors and people in my field and I'll have to always stay positive and make sure I'm being a helpful person and I carry my share of the work.

REAL Me as a Learner Sophie Latona