Coaster Simulation Nat Lara

Coaster Simulation

In this activity, each person was asked to create our own roller coaster with at least six unique feature. The purpose of doing this was so we were able to see the patterns and connections between gravitational potential and kinetic energy as well as speed. This was a good way to introduce these concepts at the beginning of the unit, because we are able to see how kinetic and gravitational potential energy work in a real example.

Marble Coaster

In this activity, each of our groups were tasked with building a roller coaster and having a marble be able to go through all of our features. The purpose of this activity was to have a better understanding of how kinetic and gravitational potential energy work together in a real life example, plus, using teamwork and creativity to create the roller coaster to be used.

Energy Quiz 2018 (1/1) - Energy Quiz - Natalie Lara

Energy Quiz

Based on the results from our quiz reflection, I realized that I had a good understanding of work, power, kinetic energy, and gravitational potential energies. What I'm finding I need more practice with is elastic potential energy as well as using calculations between kinetic and potential energy. I think as long as I complete the review for the test and ask questions when necessary, I will be prepared for the test.

Energy Assessment

For my energy assessment, I took the written test and got a of all fours in each of the four categories after corrections. The options I chose for practice during the unit included, guided practice, gimkit, and practice questions on my own. I feel like the guided practice helped me the most, as I was able to work on the problems by myself, and then had help when necessary. I believe all of the options helped me with my learning, there's not a specific one I would say that didn't help me. For the next unit, I will continue to do the guided practice and gimkit, while maybe adding in practice problems on my own if I feel it is necessary. I chose the written test as my option for the assessment. I chose this option because although I usually don't do well with paper assessments, I find with material such as the kind that we're learning i do better with a study packet and practice as my prep. The only challenges I faced were having questions from the review packet, which I would then ask for help with. I would definitely chose this option again, I have a good system of how I prep before a test for this class now.