Team Hazmat 13201

Who Are We?

We are Team Hazmat 13201, a FIRST Tech Challenge team from Brookfield, Wisconsin. We Have Amazing Zeal while Motivating All Teams. Founded in 2017, Hazmat strives to spread the message of STEM. Hazmat welcomes all students in 7th-12th grades from Brookfield or Elm Grove.

Where Have We Been?

2018-2019 Rover Ruckus


14 students, 3 student mentors, 8 adult mentors

Robot Name: KEVIN (Kooky, Elegant, Vigorous, Innovative, and Novel)


Jan 20: Thumb Wars Qualifier

  • 2nd Place Inspire Award: Qualifying for State
  • 1st Place Think Award: Qualifying for State
  • 2nd Place Motivate Award

Jan 27: Lake Country Qualifier

Feb 9: WI State Competition

2017-18: Relic Recovery


11 students, 3 student mentors, 4 adult mentors

Robot name: Gladys (GLDS = Glyph Lifting Domination System)


Jan 7: Thumb Wars Qualifier

Jan 27: Fox Valley Qualifier

  • Finalists: Qualifying for State

Feb 10: WI State Competition

Where are We Going?

Check out the FTC events on our Calendar:

Keep In Touch:


Twitter: @T13201