Coaster Simulation Ethan Scholz

Coaster Simulation Lab - 10/22

This lab related to what we were learning about energy in this unit because we observed the trends in speed, potential energy, and kinetic energy as the roller coaster cart moved through our created track. For example, gravitational potential energy is at its most when the cart is at its highest point from the ground and at its least when it’s closest to the ground. Kinetic energy is the exact opposite, this type of energy being greatest at the bottom of the hill and least at the top of the hill. Additionally, as speed increases (and mass remains the same) kinetic energy quadruples.

Marble Coaster - 10/24

The creation of a marble coaster related to what we were learning about energy in this unit because we were able to do real life calculations of energy using measurements of our coaster, marble weight, and the formulas we were given. We learned how to use total energy and simple algebra to find values in our chart like subtracting gravitational potential energy from the total energy to find the kinetic energy.

Quiz Reflection - 10/22

I have a good understanding of the energy calculation questions especially in the gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy calculations. I still need practice on the vocabulary statement questions, Eel calculations, and work and power questions. I think doing practice problems or watching a video will be the most effective way to prepare me for this assessment. This is because as a learner I feel most prepared when I study using repetition, writing, and audio.

Energy Quiz 2018 (1/1) - Energy Quiz - Ethan Scholz

Unit Assessment - 10/25

I chose to do 2 guided practices, one set of practice problems, and one Gimkit game during the unit for practice. The guided practices helped me learn the most. The practice problems didn't help as much as I thought they would. I was still very unsure about how to do calculations at the time so this practice option was more confusing than helpful. Based on this unit, the practice options I will choose for the next unit will be the guided practice and the Gimkit game.

For my assessment I chose the test option. I chose this one because I have a strength in recalling information quickly and efficiently and I know how to better prepare myself for tests. Also the test appeals to my slightly lazy side because the test seems much easier than the alternative assessment. I received:

    • 3.5 on the models portion
    • 4 on the analyzing data portion
    • 4 on the calculations portion
    • 4 on the conclusions portion

I needed a lot more practice with this unit in part due to being gone two days before the text. I was able to get back on track though with some extra practice outside of class. I was able to prepare well for the test and received and almost perfect score on the test! I will definitely continue to choose this option in future units.