Physics Friends

VID #1 : Friends

One of the main things that makes me who I am are my amazing friends. I'm a huge people person, and there's seriously no one I don't like. I don't remember the last day I didn't spend time with friends from the moment I wake up to whenever I come home to go to bed. Being adventurous and spontaneous everyday is one of my priorities, and that's made 1000X better when I can share the memories with friends.

VID #2 : Camp Vertical

In my summers, I spend 10 weeks with 60 other crazy cool coworkers at Elmbrook Church's Camp Vertical, leading 500+ kids each week and learning/teaching them about God. This video summarizes a summer at camp, a place that's impacted who I am in huge ways.

VID #3 : Traveling

One of my biggest passions is traveling. I spend all my money I make at Camp Vertical on trips to visit my family who live across the United States. In the last one year, since September 2017, I have been to SO states, 6 countries/ islands, and 2 cruises. Others may spend $100 on clothes, electronics, food, or materialistic items, but without hesitation I'll spend it on plane tickets and experiences.


VID #4 : Pole Vault

In the midst of living in three states and attending eleven schools, I've continued to pole vault wherever I go. For me, the sport gives me a source of confidence, self esteem, new friends, gives me an opportunity to practice commitment, working hard, and achieving excellence, and acts as a stress reliever or temporary get away from a busy life. (my video is of my two pole vault best friends Cam Baur and Nick Quandt)