About the School District of Elmbrook

The School District of Elmbrook is a top-tier public school district located fifteen minutes west of Milwaukee, and serves the Cities of Brookfield, New Berlin, and the village of Elm Grove.

Elmbrook Schools' faculty and staff serve over 7,400 students and their families. The district is consistently ranked one of the top five school districts in the state of Wisconsin based on standardized achievement data.

Our flagship high schools, Brookfield Central and Brookfield East offer 20 different Advanced Placement courses and are consistently ranked in the top ten across the state for their ACT performance and participation data. In addition, both high schools are recognized for their depth of co-curricular offerings, outstanding accomplishments at the team and individual levels, and commitment to community service through active clubs and organizations.

Elmbrook is recognized as a destination district, attracting families from around the world and talented employees from across the region. Through robust programming, a commitment to all students learning, supportive families and strong community partnerships, we work tirelessly to earn our reputation as one of the best school districts in Wisconsin.

Learn more at www.elmbrookschools.org.

The Elmbrook High School Orchestras

The Symphony Orchestra is designed to provide string players with the experience of learning a broad range of music composed specifically for string orchestra. Symphony Orchestra is open to all string students. No audition is required for enrollment; however, participation in middle school orchestra or equivalent experience is a prerequisite.

The Chamber Orchestra is designed to provide Sophomore, Junior and Senior advanced string players with a thorough background of various styles of music. Acceptance in Chamber is by audition only and consent of the conductor. Auditions are held in January for the following school year, open to current Symphony Orchestra musicians. Chamber musicians are required to participate in Solo & Ensemble Festival each year and are given opportunities for community and school performances in small groups as well.

Watch Brookfield Central & Brookfield East combined Chamber Orchestras perform Tchaikovsky's captivating Cantabile from Symphony No. 5 and Dvorak's Scherzo from his 7th Symphony