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Friday 2nd February 2018

Arts ambassadors visit tefat exhibition

On Wednesday afternoon, SHP's Arts Ambassadors - Shai, Zain, Mukhtar and Rayn - along with Millie, Zaynah, Mr Goodwin and Miss Prince visited the Midland Arts Centre (MAC) near Canon Hill Park in Birmingham.

We were there to visit an exhibition of photographs and film created by children from the West Midlands TEFAT schools. The theme of the exhibition was 'I am me, we are us'.

It was amazing to see so many interesting photographs and we had the chance to choose our favourites. The photographs in SHP's section were taken by Year 2 in the Autumn term through their dance project. We also wrote comments for other TEFAT children to read when they visited the exhibition the next day.

Computing Day

Tuesday 18th December

First we recapped our online safety knowledge. For the rest of the day our main aim was to make a trailer for 'The Secret Life of Pets'. To help us create our trailer we discussed our favourite scenes from the film. We then made masks for the characters out of paper plates. After that, we created our own trailers using the iMovie app on the ipads. Finally, we had our own movie screening in Ivy class where the whole class watched each others trailers.

Ivy class said they found the day exciting and amazing because they got to watch each others work and learn how to use iMovie.