Happy New Year!

January Newsletter: What’s New with NHS?

  • Be sure your GPA is still above an 85%. We will be checking your GPA soon, and any member who no longer qualifies will be removed from NHS.

  • Community service hours: You can find the Community Service Hours form HERE.

    • If you haven’t completed your 4 hours of community service for the fall, you will have the spring to make them up. HOWEVER--if you do not complete the full 8 hours for the year, you will be removed from NHS. Community service is a requirement.

  • NHS Study Hall (formerly Student Tutorials)


Google Meets from 1:35-2:35 TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY

Click HERE to join the NHS STUDY HALL Google Meet

See below for the SPRING Study hall Schedule

Spring 2021 Student Tutorial Schedule


  • The NHS website is no longer accepting orders from students. More info will be shared soon about how to purchase your collars/cords, but you will likely need to come up to the school to do so.


    • Each member will be responsible for completing roughly 4 hours of community service work each semester. (8 hours total)

    • Since we’re getting started late this year, if you don’t complete the 4 hours this semester you can make them up in the spring.

    • This is work you do not get paid for and benefits the community in some way. (Church activities count if it is a project that benefits the larger community and not just the church community).

    • PEER TUTORING will count toward community service this year.

    • The four hours can be in one project or broken up into shorter projects.

    • After you volunteer, take a picture of your project or of your service somehow and fill out the Community Service Google Form.

Basic information for this year’s NHS:

  • We will not be charging dues this year

  • We will not be ordering an Elgin NHS T-shirt for now. Possibly in the Spring semester. (This is considered a fundraiser, and for now all fundraisers are on hold.)

  • You can order T-shirts and other merchandise through the NHS website

  • Seniors--I know this is a long way off, but you will need to buy your own collar for graduation this year since we’re not collecting dues. You can do this through the NHS website. (This applies to honor cords as well if you want them)

  • SENIORS: The NHS scholarship application opens up October 1st and is due December 1st. Visit the NHS website for more information https://www.nhs.us/students/the-nhs-scholarship

2020-2021 NHS Officers:

President: Caroline Bristoll

Vice-President: Sharon Cervantes

Secretary: Whinyfer Lopez

Treasurer: Lizbeth Jimenez

Historian: Jessica Vazquez