Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us.

Our paths crossed one evening in July, 2001. Come May 24, 2017, we will have celebrated 14 years of matrimony. This almost one and a half decades came with many challenges and opportunities. Many friends and family predicted we would only last for a short while, given our diverse backgrounds, opposite personalities, and diverging orientations to life. With persistence, and pure stubbornness, we have beaten the odds for almost 16 years as a couple! That's right; your therapists have been practicing professional and personal marriage and family therapy for almost two decades.

Within these years, we have learned how to assess, diagnose, and treat, not only our clients, but also ourselves. With the guidance and encouragement of our professional mentors (professors), personal cheerleaders (family and friends), and belief in systemic and relational therapy (Marriage and Family Therapy), we decided the next best thing was to offer this tried and true opportunity to other couples, families, and individuals seeking a change.

We are dedicated to sharing and teaching what was so generously given to us, hence EGLLC became the perfect hale to provide family therapy services. We utilize systemic and relational approaches to complete assessments, diagnoses, treatment planning, and weekly individual, couple, group, and family therapy sessions. We also utilize heart-centered, culturally informed, and community enriched artistry in our conceptualization of each case.

How do two therapists maintain their relationship, you wonder?

We play, laugh, argue, cope, resolve, and love. No family is ever without conflict but we both acknowledge and respect the saying: "this too shall pass". And so, the Souzas engage in nightly laughter, chasing each other around the house, kissing the cat-sisters endlessly, enjoying Friday treats, and offering prayers to the aina and Tutu Pele. As a result, we continue to work, play, and grow.

In closing, our family wishes to extend a very special 'mahalo nui loa' to the ancestors of this land for permitting our stay and cultivating our growth. We wish to acknowledge and thank each of you for the ohana and aloha spirit you each bring to the East Hawai'i.

Today, we are fortunate and honored to call Hilo our home as we raise our 'little light' and two beautiful cats, Velvet and Fluffy.

With gratitude and anticipation, from our family to yours, we offer a warm "namaste" and a heart-felt "aloha".

J, D, Lil J, Velvet, & Fluffy

~ A Hui Hou ~