Electric Field Control

Electric Field Control is advanced method for controlling electronic system manufacturing to prevent failures

Are you having Electronic System failures?

Electronic system failures that you can't fix? Too many Electrical Overstress, EOS, or ESD failures?

This is our specialty is investigating and solving these problems.

  • We can solve it for you. Or consult with you. Or provide you the training to do it own your own.

The solutions are in the process of investigation and knowing where to look based on our experience. It is often a combination of design and manufacturing issues. The manufacturing can be easily improved by implementing Electric Field Control (about 80% of the failures are caused by PCB & Cable discharge events) and improving Tester startup / shutdown.

  • Electric Field Control, EFC, theory and courses are available in Amazon Book store.

We can help!

- Consultation by phone

- On-line training

- On-Site investigation and training

- Enable your company to have this capability (single site or corporate wide)

    • Investigations of specific failures. Most problems are solved in 2 days!

    • Workshops and Training available for:
      • EFC, EOS, ESD, EIPD
      • Design
      • Manufacturing

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Michael Stevens



I work for NXP Semiconductors as the global EOS Engineering Manager

  • The goal of this site is to share the information about how to prevent EOS issues in electronic system manufacturing in order to make advancements with the industry as a whole.
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