HKBUAS A-Parent Education Academy



「全人為本,學子為先」的教育理念而設立「家長學堂 A-Parent Education




「家長學堂 A-Parent Education Academy」課程宗旨以著名心理學家Martin

Seligman提倡正向心理學 (PERMA)的理論而訂定「PARENT」框架作基石:

P – Positive emotions 正向情緒: 培養家長和子女的正向情緒和思維

A – Achievement 成就感: 發揮子女的未來成就和升學就業路向

R – Relationship 關係: 建立健康的親子關係

E – Engagement 參與: 提供親子一起參與活動的機會

N – Nurture 教養: 建立教育和管教資訊的平台

T – Teamwork 協作: 一個家校協作的模式




(一) 家長教育工作坊/家長座談會

(二) 年度家長教育研討會

(三) 家長義工/分享

(四) 親子興趣班

(五) 自學分享



活動將頒發證書以示鼓勵。我們期望A-School 的家長每年積極參與本校精心





Introduction of A-Parent Education Academy

Upholding the ethos of Hong Kong Baptist University, the mission of Hong

Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary

School is to offer “Student-oriented Whole Person Education”. We make every

endeavour to fulfill our mission and “A-Parent Education Academy” was

established. Through close home-school liaison and providing information

about education and parenting techniques, we aim at seeking mutual

understanding and efforts to nurture our children to face the challenges of the

21st century.

“A-Parent Education Academy” aims to establish the framework “PARENT” as

the cornerstone which is inspired the theory of positive psychology (PERMA)

advocated by the famous psychologist Martin Seligman:

P – Positive emotions: fostering positive emotions for parents and children

A – Achievement: letting children explore their potential and their further

studies/career paths

R – Relationship: Building a healthy parent-child relationship

E – Engagement: Providing opportunities for parents and children to

participate in different events

N – Nurture: Providing a platform of sharing education and parenting


T – Teamwork: Developing a model based on home-school collaboration

To implement PARENT, “A-Parent Education Academy” is divided into five major

areas in order to enhance parents’ communication and parenting skills, thereby

promoting parent-child relationships and strengthening parental links. The five

major areas include:

(i) Parent Education Workshops/Parent Seminars

(ii) Annual Parent Education Conference

(iii) Parent Volunteers/Sharing

(iv) Parent-child interest classes

(v) Self-learning sharing

Different learning activities and services bring school close to home so that

parents and children can grow up simultaneously. In order to encourage

parents to participate in or complete different courses or activities, a credit

award scheme is launched and certificates will be presented as recognition.

We expect A-School’s parents will actively participate in the parent education

programmes, parent volunteer activities and sharing, and learn together with

our children to become an excellent A-PARENT!

Ms. Ng Lai Fun Stephanie

Assistant Principal (Student Development)