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Office hours are afterschool by appointment! Would love to see ya to help with any questions you have! Emails will be answered during the school day, I do not always look at emails in the evening or on weekends and holidays.

Remote Learning Expectations

Students should:
  • Create a space and dedicated time for learning
  • Seek help when needed (teachers, guidance counselor, principal)
  • Create balance by taking opportunities to work offline and upload tasks
  • Sign into the classrooms daily- keep connected
  • Use Google Calendar to organize classes
  • Demonstrate learning with completion of assignments
  • Engage with the classroom and use tools (like headphones)
to focus on instructional videos, etc.
  • Communicate with your teacher and examine feedback
  • Follow the Code of Conduct & act appropriately
  • Demonstrate online learning etiquette
  • Reach out to your teachers if you are overwhelmed
  • Collaborate with peers using respectful language and behaviors
  • Use equipment as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Wear attire acceptable for school even when you are learning virtually
  • Support each other in this new way of learning
  • Be patient with yourselves and your teachers- we are all learning together!