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CONGRATULATIONS to our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders for a GREAT program! "At the Bandstand" was a big success! Thanks so much to our parents and family members for coming to support us on stage, as well as providing some fun costumes.

Our school was given a PIE (Partners in Education) grant of over $1000 to purchase 3 bass xylophone bars. These low-pitched instruments will be a great addition to our songs, as we play them on the steady beat. THANK YOU PIE DONORS!

Our local Wal-Mart donated funds for us to purchase these "bath scrubbies" for our "Splish Splash" song. The 3rd graders really enjoyed having these fun props to dance with! Thanks to Wal-Mart for their generosity!

3rd graders at Skelly enjoyed a Christmas visit from the EHS Encore and their director Mr. Piazza--thanks for sharing your music with us!