Classroom Expectations

Our classroom expectations follow the school’s expectations (B.E.A.R. Necessities). They are the following:

Be responsible

Encourage everyone

Act safely

Respect yourself and others

We will constantly be referencing these in our classroom and ensuring that all students follow these expectations.

CHAMPS is a proactive and positive approach to classroom management. We will be using CHAMPS throughout the year to encourage class-wide positive behaviors.

C=Conversation--What voice level can I be using? (0-No Talking, 1-Whisper, 2-Table Talk, 3-Presentation Voice, 4-Outside Voice)

H=Help--What do I do if I need help? (Raise hand, ask your neighbor, ask your group)

A=Activity--What is our activity? (Reading, writing, math, etc.)

M=Movement--What should my body be doing? (Sit criss-cross on carpet, sit in chair) How can I move? (Stay seated, move with permission, responsible movement)

P=Participation (Self, partner, group, whole class)


By using CHAMPS, expectations are constantly stated throughout the day in order to help students stay on task and display positive behavior.

The class will also be utilizing Class Dojo to reinforce these expectations, along with other skills in our classroom. Points will be awarded for students who follow CHAMPS and the B.E.A.R. Necessities. Points can also be taken away for unwanted behavior, such as talking at inappropriate times, being off-task, and not listening. Along with tracking behavior, Class Dojo has a messaging system you can use to instantly contact me throughout the day. There is also a place where I will share photos of our daily activities. Please contact me if you are not set up with our class so we can get you set up!