Steve Clark

Iwow day

After discussion with Mrs. Coons about co-teaching and blended classes I came away with several initiatives.

The first being a blended course in math that integrated teacher voice and online learning. The teacher voice is motivation to excel and achievement by accomplishing tasks. (i.e. academic obstacle course) The tasks are modular based including material that can be explored and developed for each learner. I can differentiate by setting up groups. The textbook test bank can be imported for assessment. Grades are input in real time as they complete assignments. The best of on ground learning and the best of off site learning.

Using the platform Canvas the math class would have modules to complete on each unit. Each lesson would have a curriculum based measurement to push them to the next module or to a remediation module if they are below proficiency.

If the remediation does not accomplish a higher proficiency I would do an intervene with face to face instruction. Short discover and exploration discussions will expand each students experience with the content for authentic learning.

The benefit of the Canvas platform is the integration of multiple tools and resources. An internal Messaging system, analytics, and it is reliable makes it a valuable tool teaching at Butler Community College. Why not adapt it to lower education.

Short introduction to what CANVAS can do CANVAS