EMS Computers

Welcome to EMS Computers. My name is Russell Baker and I teach the classes. There are 4 classes that are taught from the EMS Computer lab, Keyboarding, Word Processing, and Presentations, and EMS News. If a student takes word processing and presentations while attending EMS they will be able to bypass Computer Applications 1 at EHS and begin in Computer Applications 2.

The EMS computer lab is equipped with 24 Mac Minis and an iPad station. The students will be taught a variety of computer skills throughout their time at EMS. Here is a list of just a few applications the students will be introduced to.

Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand, iMovie, iPhoto, and an online site Pixlr.

Classroom Expectations

· Enter the classroom quietly

· No food or drink

· Respect others

· Respect equipment

· Do not distract others

· Stay on task

· Save frequently

· Log off and push in chair before leaving class

Class Codes

1st - 300obu

3rd - 4uypgm

4th - bnyitdu

5th - r7p9lx

6th - 1jdi1b