Melissa Woody

Speech and Language Notes

When we discuss your student's speech, we are talking about the actual speech sounds that they produce when speaking. Common errors for children in the elementary level are with the following sounds: /r/, /l/, /s/. However, there are many variations and other speech sounds that can be challenging. Speech therapy focuses on assisting student's in fixing their speech sounds.

When discussing language, we are referring to how a student puts words together to form thoughts, phrases, sentences, and stories. Language can be spoken or written and includes the ability to use vocabulary words, describe items/objects, state synonyms/antonyms for words, break sentences down by types of word (noun, verb, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, etc.), and manipulate words to formulate complete thoughts that a listener or reader can understand.

It takes both speech and language to communicate in our world and speech therapy helps to ensure that your student has what it takes to be an effective communicator with their teachers and peers.

I'm here to help guide your student through their communication challenges. A few rules exist to help us know when to speak and at what volume. My general classroom rules are:

  • Follow directions
  • Stay on task
  • Hands, feet and body to yourself.
  • Quiet when others are talking.

If your student has a speech IEP, I will be in touch with you throughout the year to schedule the annual IEP meeting. If at any time you have questions about speech or any aspect of the IEP process, please do not hesitate to contact me.