Linda Barker

Gifted Facilitator

Gifted Class Procedures:

  • Enter the room quietly. (Voice level 2)
  • Check the board for the day's objectives.
  • Place backpacks on the floor by the board.
  • Find a seat quickly.
  • Be ready to participate, communicate, and create.

Gifted Class Expectations

  • Respect other’s opinions and ideas (even if you disagree)
  • Always give your best effort.
  • Be willing to move outside of your comfort zone in order to grow academically and socially.

High school students work on a spaghetti tower challenge.

A Gifted Classroom Wish:

I wish for.....

my classroom to be like the world: busy, chaotic, and always in motion. Every learner to feel a part of our community .

Learning to come from experiences, not just from pages in books, a child's gifts and struggles to be addressed,

recognized, and respected. Creativity to be a habit, not a special occasion.

Mistakes to be viewed as opportunities, an environment where it is ok to disagree.

Thinking, laughter, and questions to fill the air. Understanding that gifted does not mean PERFECT!

The freedom for learners to explore, discover, and develop their own Passions and Interests

My students to know that I am still a learner too.... LEARNING.

Elementary students use KEVA blocks to practice building skills and problem solving.