Small Group Procedures for Title 1 Room

1. Students who come to my room for small group will stand in the hallway outside my door with a voice level at 0.

2. Students will follow me to my table with the first student sitting in the first chair and the remaining students filling in consecutively behind each other. Voice level should still be at 0.

3. Students will follow my directions during work time with a voice level at 1 or 2, depending on the practice.

4. When group time is over students will push in their chairs and stand and wait for dismissal with a voice level at 0.

5. Students will follow me to their classrooms using hallways procedures with a voice level at 0.

The link below has some good online read aloud sites and they are FREE! Also, look for the vowel reference page. Very helpful for helping your child decode as they read aloud to you!

Free Online Read Aloud Sites for Parents and Teachers.pdf

Why Can't I Skip My 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight?

20 minutes.pdf

Activities for home

Have you looked at all of the resources your child has access to at home? It's easy! Go to and click on the tab labeled "student." From there click on "student resources."

Storyline, TumbleBooks, Lexia Reading Core 5 are just a few of the wonderful links your child has access to at home.

What is MTSS?

Has your child mentioned "Tier Time?"

Watch & learn!

MTSS slideshow.key

Does your child need help with sight words?

El Dorado Schools Sight Word lists.pdf