Denise Friesen

Title One Reading/Math Teacher

iwow! Day 2019-"Families"

*Confirmed Skelly's word of the month list

*Researched resources to utilize during our "Families" sessions

*Discussed best strategies for social emotional learning

*Compiled a book list that correlates to the word of the month

*Discussed funds available to make purchases for resources for SEL "Families"


18 years of classroom experience- (2 years teaching overseas in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, South America)


Bethel College, North Newton, KS- BS in Elementary Education-Minor-Early Childhood Education-ESOL Certified


Spending time with my family, sports, jogging, baking, reading, movies, and mission trips to Talita Cumi Orphanage in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, South America

Small Group Procedures for Title 1 Room

1. Students who come to my room for small group will stand in the hallway outside my door with a voice level at 0.

2. Students will follow me to my table with the first student sitting in the first chair and the remaining students filling in consecutively behind each other. Voice level should still be at 0.

3. Students will follow my directions during work time with a voice level at 1 or 2, depending on the practice.

4. When group time is over students will push in their chairs and stand and wait for dismissal with a voice level at 0.

5. Students will follow me to their classrooms using hallways procedures with a voice level at 0.

iwow project 2017

Mrs. Clennan and I created a summer reading activity calendar. We involved Bradford Memorial library and The Book Grinder into our activities. We plan to print and send home with K-5 students at the end of the year. To view open the pdf file, not the quick view.

A book is a device to ignite the imagination.

–Alan Bennett

Activities for Home

Here are some reading and math activities you can do with your child at home.

2. Click on the tab labelled "student"

3. Click on "Student Resources"

4. Resources you will find...



•Lexia Reading Core 5

iWOW Project for 2018

Skelly Elementary wants to start a program entitled, "School Families". This program would benefit all students focusing on social and emotional growth. Students would be placed into a family that builds on relationships, a sense of belonging, and social and emotional needs. Please view the slide show below to find out more about "School Families" and the impact families can make for all students.

School Families-Skelly.pptx