Mrs. Rush

Looking for extra credit? Extra credit is given out randomly throughout the year. You can always help complete the class periodic table by choosing to do another element or 2 (limit 2 per quarter)!

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Homework Policy: Homework is rarely assigned by me. If you fail to finish something in the time provided, you have given YOURSELF homework. Understand that it is your responsibility to complete the work before you come to class the next day.

Why doesn't Mrs. Rush assign homework?

I ask myself these 5 questions before I assign homework--

1. What is homework? To me, homework should be MEANINGFUL, RELEVANT, and CREATIVE. It supports what we do in class.

2. What does research say about homework? Everything and nothing at all. Homework should prepare you for success.

3. Does homework prepare you for the next level? Habits can be learned. Time management is a skill. Occasionally, homework is to be expected because we cannot complete everything in class.

4. Does homework teach responsibility? Homework isn't very authentic. Turning work in on time develops responsibility. Helping with classroom tasks (handing out papers, cleaning up, greeting visitors, etc.) teaches responsibility.

5. How do parents play into the homework discussion? They need to share our goal of education and help support efforts to make you into the best you can be. We all want you to do and be your best!

Will there be homework? Sometimes, if I think it'll be beneficial to what we are doing. Otherwise, only YOU can assign homework!

Class Schedule

1st hour (Meetings/CATS/Plan):  8:00-8:53
2nd hour (science):  8:56-9:49
3rd hour (science): 9:52-10:45
4th hour (Meetings/CATS/Plan): 10:48 - 12:18 (7th grade lunch 11:20-11:45
5th hour (science): 12:21-1:14
6th hour (science): 1:17 - 2:10
Intervention/Enrichment: 2:13 - 2:48
Seminar: 2:51-3:00
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